Injection Molding Machine Automation

We cover a full range of IMM automation applications:
  • Part removal
  • Feeding and placing over-mold inserts into IMM
  • Combination of both processes
  • Auxiliary processes like deburring, trimming, inspection, assembly, and more.
We utilize two types of robots for these applications:
6-axis Shelf Mount Robot

6-Axis Shelf Mount Robots, specifically designed for Injection Molding Machine Applications

3-axis Gantry Type Robot

3 or 4 axis gantry type robots

Application Examples:

200 ton IMM Automation w/over-mold insert placement – Automotive Connectors Application
200 Ton Injection Molding Machine Automatoin

Floor Mount Robot Serving IMM including dropping in over-mold insert

250 ton IMM Automation – Consumer Products Application
Injection Molding Machine Tending Application

Floor Mount Robot Serving IMM, picking multiple parts at a time