Automation Consultations

Our staff would be more than glad to assist and discuss your automation needs free of charge.
However, if you are planing to start or you just started extremely important project with another automation house and your project is time critical, it is quite natural that you have concerns what the outcome is going to be. In such a case you do want professional advisers to be on your side and help you manage the project. That is exactly what we offer under Automation Consultation Services that come at the standard consultations rates.
Our approach is different from case to case, but in general we would go through the following steps:
  • We would review the project, make sure overall concept is right and it is quoted right. We would also make sure scope is right and make sure there is no discrepancy between scope & quote
  • We would than keep eye on the design and make sure your OEM is not taking shortcuts. Using our automation expertize we would identify risk points on the Automation System and make sure OEM is treating them with the special care. On the 50%  &  100%  design review we would ask questions about everything that is critical for machine functionality. Again NO shortcuts. Things must be calculated when required and sized properly. On both sides, mechanical and electrical.
  • On the other side we definitely don’t want to be on the OEM’s way. Project needs to flow smoothly. Project schedule needs to be checked from time to time to make sure it is on schedule. However to make sure machine is on schedule machine must not go through extensive debug process or even worst re-tailoring on the shop floor. Assumptions and shortcuts are recipe for disaster and that is why you would employ us, to make sure those things don’t happen.
  • We can also help in the detailing phase when blue prints are getting prepared for parts manufacturing. Having well done drawing package also makes difference on the project schedule. You don’t want too many parts to go to rework or even worst to be completely re-done. Sometimes little details like type of surface finish can greatly affect machine performance and the length of debug process.
  • Similarly on the electrical side, drawing package needs to be checked before it is submitted to built electrical enclosures and control panels.